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A Good General Setup

The image above shows  a good general setup, generally this type of setup will work well for most people who promote a range of sites.

1. All the sites you want to promote, (they can be added in any order)
 2. I've chosen the "Least Hit" rotator type to help distribute your traffic more evenly, I've also enabled the limiter.
 3. For the limiter options I've selected "Root"& "10", this means each domain will only be shown a maximum10 times only per unique visitor (set the limiter to a different number if you wish).

4. I've  set one site to NOT use a limiter "None", this gives your visitors somewhere to go if they have seen all the other sites in your geo rotator.

5. I've set the selling number to a reasonable figure, you can adjust this if you want or leave it off.

6. I've setup a country rotator so all my UK traffic can be sent to a different site, I've set the selling figure higher for my UK traffic and limited the site to only be shown a maximum of 2 times per visitor.

Sales: The selling of your traffic will only happen if an advertising campaign is running and the bid is higher than your selling price.