Spam Policy

At, we are committed to stopping spam.

To report JoeGeo related spam to us, please send a message to [email protected]. Be sure to include a copy of the offending email.

What is Spam?
In simple terms Spam (a.k.a. unsolicited commercial e-mail, unsolicited bulk e-mail, mass e-mail, junk e-mail) is a message that advertises goods or services that you send to someone without their prior consent or in the absence of a previous relationship.

Spam is defined as including, but not limited to, the following:

What is your Anti-Spam policy? strictly prohibits the sending of unsolicited mass e-mails of any kind. We will not tolerate Spam and will terminate any member who violates our anti-Spam policy. Your account will be closed, your referrals will be lost, you will forfeit all credits in your account, and you will not be allowed to rejoin.

Will I be penalized if my referrals Spam?
Yes! If one of your direct
referrals sends Spam their account will be cancelled. You will lose the potential benefit of having him/her as a referral and may loose any credit you received indirectly from them.

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